Atlas HO 20005927 BNSF Gunderson 7538 Single Door Box Car #761467


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In 2012, BNSF acquired close to 600 Gunderson 7538 High Capacity box cars. Four years later, TTX Corporation placed orders for a similar 7550 box car. At this time, they have over 4,000 cars in their fleet with more cars ordered. With a gross rail load capacity of 286,000, these cars can carry a wide variety of products such as paper and bulk items. While they look similar in appearance, the 7550 and 7538 have a few unique differences. The 7550 features "grid sides" and double plug doors. The 7538 has a single plug door and a unique door step, just below the left side of the door opening. With both companies operating large fleets, these cars are sure to be seen in large manifests, short lines and on sidings throughout North America.


• All New Tooling!

• Separate ladders, hand brake and door rods

• Door stirrup, unique to the 7538

• Single or double plug door as per the prototype

• Roof with 3 Stanray X-panels and 3 diagonal center panels

• Brake arrangement offset to A end of body

• Crisp, accurate lettering and paint details