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MIG R-0008 Aluminum 15 ml


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The railway world has always aroused the curiosity of scale modelers for obvious reasons including the high level of detail, the perfection of their machinery, and the great care with which the layouts are faithfully recreated making railway modelling an icon in our hobby. AMMO continues with our philosophy of offering quick and effective solutions that provide durable and authentic finishes for all modelers of any subject. After years of research and collaboration from the experts of the world, we present the range of authentic colours for railway modeling, introducing: Rail Center.

What are Rail Center acrylic paints? 
The Rail Center colour range of acrylic paints is designed specifically for railway modelling enthusiasts. These colours can be applied easily by both brush and airbrush, providing outstanding covering power and a uniform finish. 


The authentic Rail Center line includes the colours to paint your locomotives and rolling stock in service of the worlds most beloved railway companies worldwide. Ranging from Diesels and Steam Locomotives to the many different types of passenger, freight cars, tankers, and all rail side accessories, the Rail Center line provides the most authentic colours available. The ease of application by both brush and airbrush combined with high durability make the Rail Center range the best possible choice for all model railroaders. 


What are they made of?
For the manufacture of the acrylic paints within the Rail Center range, ultra-fine pigments of the highest quality and acrylic resins have been specially formulated to achieve the perfect balance for their use with both brush and airbrush. These components, together with the high-performance acrylic solvent, make these paints highly durable and easy to apply. The acrylic formulation of Rail Center paints has no smell, so they can be used at home without issues. When applied through the airbrush, always work in a well ventilated room.

Why do you need RailCenter Acrylic Paints?
The Rail Center range includes all of the colours needed to finish and weather the world’s best-known railway company colours, saving you time and money by allowing you to accurately paint without having to make complicated mixes. The Rail Center range includes accurate colours selected after meticulous historical research by some of the best modellers and historians in the world. In addition, this line provides the perfect balance between a uniform and durable finish, fast convenient drying times, and products that are always easy to apply for all modelers, both beginners and experienced alike. Once dry, you can apply every type of enamel or acrylic weathering products as well as masking tapes and decals without risk of damaging the finish. The Rail Center colours can be applied over any type of paint including acrylic, enamel or lacquer.

How are they used?
The formulation of Rail Center paints allows for ease of application using a brush or an airbrush. The acrylic colours dry to the touch after approximately one hour. The exact time will depend on the thickness of the paint layer applied, as well as the humidity and ambient temperature in your work area. We recommend waiting 24 hours for the paint to dry completely. Once dry, Rail Center paints allow for the application of other paints and varnishes, no matter if they are lacquers, enamels or acrylics, as well as all kind of weathering products. In addition, you can safely use modelling masking tapes and decal solutions safely once the acrylic colours are completely dry.

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